Broker-Assisted Trading is ideal for those who:

  • Make their own investment decisions Do-It-Yourself (DIY) to follow an independent Advisory Service, or Trading System and want an Experienced Licensed Broker to execute complex, passive income trades, diversified portfolios.
  • Want to evaluate trading/investing ideas, entries or exit points with an expert.
  • Are new to trading/investing or just getting back into it.
  • Prefer to deal with people — not technology.
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Passive income trading include strategies that are usually employed when one wants to secure his or her capital and at the same time, generate regular income. Passive income streams can come from a variety of sources like dividend paying Stocks, Investment Funds, Options, Futures, Forex ETFs and bonds. Generating passive income through different sources of income, and not just one, is important for diversification and from a risk perspective.

Achieving financial freedom when you turn retire at the age of 60-65 or when you choose to work less gives you peace of mind and stability. This stability gives you the time and resources needed to maintain a healthy mind and body closer to the end of your life. This may also allow you to enjoy time with your family and loved one’s.

A long vacation, celebrating the birth of your grandchildren or buying that home on the lake! All of this is happening while your money is working for you, generating paychecks through passive income trading. This is what passive investing is all about.

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