Successful Investment Management Techniques

It is our position that everyone who trades and invests should have the ability to make educated market decisions. You don’t hand your wallet over to just anyone, do you? Make sure the investment management strategies you use are real and successful before putting hard-earned money at risk.

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What is Do-It-Yourself Investing?

Do-it-yourself investing is an investment management strategy where traders / investorsbuild and manage their own investment portfolios. Do-it-yourself investors commonly utilize discount brokerages and individual investment account platforms as opposed to full-service professional money managers.

Do-it-yourself investing can save investors, money on fees. It also gives investors the independence to make their own investment decisions on their own time. This has made it even more convenient for investors to build and personalize their own portfolios. It has also introduced hybrid financial advice models that integrate some forms of free interactive personal financial advice.

In building a DIY portfolio, investors can take a number of different approaches.

Many brokerages firms provide do-it-yourself platforms for investors / traders, with their available brokerage accounts and numerous managed funds and customized accounts for retirement investing.

Overall, do-it-yourself investing can help individual investors to save substantially on fees while also having full control over all of their investments. An array of options and tools exists in the market to help DIY investors achieve their goals

How could 4 extra hours change your financial freedom?

In 4 hours, you could squeeze in another round of golf. Or you could take the first step towards your dream retirement or the plan to leave a nest egg for your family!

We would be more than happy to explain these choices in more detail!

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We Are Helping People Improve Their Financial Health with Knowledge!

“In the 4 months that I have been with FFR Trading my account has grown substantially and I still decide personally that I must deal with the emotional side of the trading as I get confirmations and statements daily.”


“FFR is the reason that I had the confidence to  jump in to investment and trading again, after suffering from the other poor products out there, was the verification process that FFR Trading uses to vet the traders.”


Then I got a call from FFR Trading and they could tell I had a lot of skeptism from past experiences , but they did’t give up. I am so glad they didn’t. In less than a month I already have a 15% return on my initial investment.”


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