So, you’re interested in auto trading? You’ve come to the right place! Our auto trading strategies have solid, long-term performance. You can auto trade Forex, Indices, Options, or the Commodities markets.

Here’s how our auto trading programs work in five simple steps:

  1.  Choose one or multiple strategies to auto trade.
    Each strategy has been back tested and has been trading live for many years. Each strategy has been set up specifically for auto trading with a broker who directly receives the strategy signals. Once you purchase one of PIT’s strategies, you will be receive an email that explains the next steps.

  2.  A broker will contact you regarding the strategy you selected.
    Within 24 hours you will receive a phone call from an auto-trading brokerage firm to help you set up your trading account. One of the following firms will contact you depending on the strategy you purchase: Infinity Futures, Halifax Trading, or Fox Trading Group. When you complete your broker paperwork you will set up an account for a Letter of Direction – LOD. An LOD gives authorization to your broker to ONLY place the trades from the PIT subscription you have purchased.Once you have been confirmed as a new subscriber, your brokerage account and LOD is set up, and your trading account is funded, your account can go live.

  3.  The broker will contact you before trades are executed.
    The broker will alert you prior to your trading account going live.

  4.  Access and modify your account and monitor the strategy’s performance whenever you like.
    You and only you will have access to your trading account after you have set up your auto-trading brokerage account. You can log in and monitor the strategies anytime. You can also add more trading funds when the strategy identifies favorable market conditions, or take money out as needed for personal reasons.

  5.  No longer want to auto trade? Cancel easily, and when you want to.
    To cancel your auto trading account, contact your broker and let them know you want to stop. You and your broker and can discuss what you want to do with any open trade positions. Once you’ve contacted your broker, do the following to cancel your existing PIT subscription:

Login to your PIT subscription account page:

Click Subscriptions on the left side of page.

Click View button.

Click Cancel button.


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